Tax, corporate and criminal law solutions for economic operators

Studio Legale Tributario, a specialized tax law firm, was born of Prof.Loris Tosi’s professional experience spanning over thirty years, gathering a group of professionals and researchers among the most capable in the sector. Their invaluable collaboration has successfully contributed to the establishment of a specialized law firm able to offer the highest degree of expertise in all issues related to tax, contract, corporate and criminal law concerning economic operators.

The Organisation

Structured over the years to provide an effective response to the needs of customers and extend its field of action with the utmost competence, Studio Tosi is at the centre of a network of extremely dynamic small, medium-sized and large businesses with a strong international vocation for which the firm acts as a factor of further growth and development.

The combined expertise and scientific preparation of our team go hand in hand with the most important aspect of the legal profession that is a trust-based relationship with our customers, who can count on the constant, reliable presence of a close-knit group of professionals. The firm avails itself of around thirty professionals, among lawyers and accountants, and is able to offer its services in English, French, German, Spanish and Russian.

For several years, Studio Tosi has assisted and supported numerous trade associations, as well as public organizations and institutions of various kinds.

Thanks to its network of foreign correspondents, Studio Tosi can operate in any part of the world, extending its field of action to issues of international relevance.

In addition to its headquarters in Venice Mestre, Studio Tosi has offices in Vicenza, Milan and Luxembourg.

Our scientific activity

Active participation in academic life and university research – attested by over 300 publications – has led Studio Tosi to refine its scientific method in problem-solving while promoting constant training of all its professionals.

The Modern Library, an essential business tool, is well equipped and consists of:

• over 10,000 volumes on tax and customs law, civil and commercial law, criminal law, administrative law, international law, companies’ accounting and financial statements.

• over 30 legal collections and encyclopaedias.

• over 100 specialized journals dealing in matters of tax, commercial, administrative, criminal and procedural issues.

• about 30 databases both electronic and in print.

The invaluable Historical Library, our pride, numbers hundreds of volumes printed between the sixteenth century and the early twentieth century dealing with the subjects of economics and law and their historical development.

The Historical Library is constantly updated by means of new acquisitions and is open for consultation to historians or professionals interested in the subjects covered.